Since its start in 2007 as “Kondaiah's Creative Print and Pack Pvt Ltd”, dealing with manufacturing of Print and Packaging Solutions, our company has expanded its business into various fields including Garment, FMCG, Beverage, Consumer Goods, Pharmacy,  e-Commerce Industries and has continued to steadily grow.   

Creative Print and Pack is a company of enduring strength. We’ve been privileged to play a vital role in the Print and Packaging Industry. As the size of the market and well-being has grown, we’ve been able to grow along with it. Even more important, we’ve helped shape and define what the market and well-being means in every order should get customer satisfaction. Our products, services, and ideas touch the customer's hearts. We credit our strength and endurance to a consistent approach to managing our business, and to the character of our people.

It is considered to be a big advantage of our company that we continue to deliver various products to a wide variety of industries while combining our unique core technologies cultivated over many years at a high level of competence. In addition, in recent years, we are positively progressing with the enhancement of our global production based on the concept of local production, which means that we manufacture products in locations that are closer to our customers and provide them with a stable supply of these products.

At present, when the changing speed of the world is more and more accelerating, I think it is more important than anything else to anticipate market changes, to look one step ahead into the future, and to propose products that exceed the customers’ expectations. With “Innovation and Quality of Work” as the keywords, we are aiming to meet the expectations of as many Creative Print and Pack customers as possible and to develop further by striving positively to exploit new demands and develop new products.

- Kondaiah Chowdary P, Founder & Managing Director, CPP Group