Creative Print and Pack (CPP) is a Print and Packaging solutions provider started in 2007.  CPP takes pride in creating enduring value through sustainable development. It strongly believes in connecting its core capabilities to provide print and packaging solutions. Apart from being a market leader. CPP has long been driven by the concept of sustainable development, with maximum market share across the Indian subcontinent.

CPP is a market leader in the Indian Print and Packaging industry with a global footprint. Over the past Fourteen Years, CPP has built and consolidated its presence in South Asia Countries. CPP has Four manufacturing facilities spread across Telangana and Tamilnadu. Having a dynamic workforce, CPP is proud to support a culture in which employees are respected and empowered as the company’s most valued assets.

We innovate concept-oriented packaging solutions with a passion to enhance the quality of product life and expand brand value.

By FY 2025, we will become the most aspirational Indian packaging brand, consistently winning, by
• Delivering a superior quality product
• Driving sustainable print and packaging solutions
• Exceeding customer expectations, and
• Creating a highly engaged workforce

• Integrity
• Teamwork
• Accountability
• Customer focus
• Excellence
• Speed

CPP has continually proven its ability to create, anticipate, propose, and manufacture products that fulfill our client's needs and exceeds the customer's expectations. Whether you find our products in the nightlife, on the shelves and counters of stores, or delivered directly to your premises; our creations become more and more innovative, and luxurious and transcend the grounds in which they are used and visualized.

Our Approach

Our rigorous approach and understanding of all aspects of every project allow us to add value to the production of any printing or packaging. Sourcing, sampling and production, coupled with coordinated logistics, enable us to tailor requirements for our clients individually, wherever their location worldwide. Our end-to-end production services support quantities from one-off’s or small capsule projects, to large coordinated international roll-outs.


CPP builds a feasible relation with every single client. And we comprehended with client’s requirements and customizing their needs. We maintain unique relationship with supplier and customer. We believe, unique relationship strategy will help to deliver quality product in time.</p

We focus to gain competitiveness by launching innovative and quality products and services for our domestic and international customers and to maintain maximum operational effectiveness.

Policy and Statement

CPP, we conduct business according to the values. We operate with the highest standards regarding our employees, the environment, the customers we serve, and all other stakeholders.

The guidelines and policies, statements and standards below define what we expect of ourselves, and our business partners, as we operate with integrity throughout the world.

Responsibility Standards

At CPP, we hold ourselves to high standards, which reflect our internal values. In turn, we strive to work with suppliers who share our values because we believe that business relationships are most productive and effective when they are built on trust, mutual respect and a common commitment to operating responsibly and ethically.

Code of Business Conduct

At CPP, we believe acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the right thing to do for our business. Our CPP Code of Business Conduct ensures that we hold ourselves and how we do business to a high standard, allowing us to fulfill our obligations to the stakeholders we serve.



CPP builds a feasible relation with every single client. And we comprehended with client's requirements and customizing their needs.

CPP maintains a unique relationship with supplier and customer. We believe a unique relationship strategy will help to deliver a quality product in time.

We focus to gain competitiveness by launching innovative and quality products and services for our domestic and international customers and to maintain maximum operational effectiveness.




CPP prides itself not only on leading print and packaging companies but also on the talent of its people. The company is growing under the guidance and leadership of some of the innovative minds and experienced executives in the print and packaging business. CPP team includes accomplished leaders with deep and broad industry experience.
We believe our strength is in our people. From the happiness of working on innovative packaging solutions to a sense of achievement, set in an environment of transparency; discover why Creative Print and Pack is one of the most friendly workplaces.
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Kondaiah Chowdary.P

Founder & Director

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Sravani Kondaiah P

Director and CFO

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Raghu Kacharagadla (Bheemesh)

GM-Business Operations


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