Kondaiah Chowdary Peddagaari 
Founder and Managing Director, CPP Groups
e Mail: kondaiah@creativeprintandpack.com

Sravani Kondaiah Peddagaari 
Director and CFO
e Mail: sravani@creativeprintandpack.com

Bheemesh Chowdary Kacharagadla (Raghu)
GM - Business Operations
e Mail: bheemesh@creativeprintandpack.com
Mobile: +91 91333 95 810

Arjun Krishna Yerramshetty
GM - Technology and Productivity
e Mail: arjun@creativeprintandpack.com
Mobile: +91 91333 95 803

S N V Prasad
Marketing Executive
e Mail: prasad@creativeprintandpack.com
Mobile: +91 91333 95 811

Suresh B
Marketing Executive
e Mail: suresh@creativeprintandpack.com
Mobile: +91 91333 95 814

Vinay Akula
Marketing Executive
e Mail: vinay@creativeprintandpack.com
Mobile: +91 91333 95 815

Darpan Singh
Sr.Marketing Manager
e Mail: darpan@creativeprintandpack.com
Mobile: +91 91333 95 812

Kalyanibheemesh Kacharagadla
Costing Analyst
e Mail: kalyani@creativeprintandpack.com 

Bharath Kumar Kakarla
Creative Head (Designing and Development)
e Mail: bharath@creativeprintandpack.com

Uma Tejaswi
Barcodes Incharge 
e Mail: creativeprintpack@gmail.com
Mobile: +91 91333 95 808

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