Focused Growth

In the rapidly changing packaging market of the future, strengthening profitable business models will be vital to business success. As the world's first concept-oriented packaging company, the CPP Group intends to set clear benchmarks and generate significant growth with this strategy.

132 CR annual turnover target the CPP Group has set itself by the 2025 financial year. To achieve its ambitious growth and profitability targets, the Group is pursuing a focused growth strategy in its three business segments of Folding (Mono) Cartons, Paper Bags manufacturing, Barcode Tags, and Corrugated Boxes manufacturing. Targeted investments in those market-relevant business models and Group companies will be made where firm prospects for particularly good performance and high growth potential have been identified.

We Believe...We Trust...

We believe...we trust customer satisfaction is an investment for our business. We are serving across the globe with respective cultures and traditions.

Kondaiah's Creative Print and Pack Pvt Ltd (CPP) is the global leader in Packaging solutions.  Around the world businesses in various industries choose CPP packaging solutions to keep their products safe and improve their brand, operate efficiently and achieve sustainability goals.

Consumers who enjoy holding a product in their hands will also enjoy purchasing it. 


Everything starts with good communication. We would like to know more about your brand and your products, not only from your sales and marketing perspective but also to understand how you would like to implement your brand into your packaging. By understanding your target audiences, branding experience, budgets, production, and logistics, we can collaborate and pull your packaging goals together.

A premium package makes a statement and creates an enduring brand image. It is also designed for long-term use—and re-use. Customers will want to keep it for a long time, assuring your brand a prominent place inside the home.


A great idea requires timely delve to determine if it will work. We love to create various options for our customers to find out what best fits their marketing, sales and logistics strategies. From paper to PET, from digital print to offset print, from e-commerce to retail packaging, we know what and how.


Time for the interesting and key part! Our design team will work closely with you from a creative and production perspective, to develop your packaging, from sketch to mock up and golden sample. Our goal is to create the kind of innovative packaging that reaches all your packaging goals, helps drive sales and generate revenues.

Premium packaging showcases your finest and most beautiful products and delivers an unboxing experience worthy of their quality.