Have you ever thought what completes a great clothing line? The answer is an attractive hang tag. Mainly, a hang tag is a brand’s identity, not only used for clothes but also used to specify different products such as jars, bottles, boxes and many more. You can get different varieties of hang tags for varied products under one roof while dealing with us. We have hired trained and professional designers to create unique and appealing designs with a variety of dimensions in accordance with the needs of our customers. We are incorporated with an array of ideas which not only add a cool design for your tag but also use lots of colors incorporated with a logo, making the tags look more creative and stunning. These are also available in different sizes like rectangular and die-cut so you can choose any one of them according to your product and choice.

Being one of the well known Hang Tag Providers in India, we have acquired a special space in the market. We are known for using superb quality of material which is tear resistant along with the usage of sophisticated technology. Our professionals are highly flexible in nature and are thus able to maintain friendly relations with our clients. Durability and accurate dimensioning are a few features which are kept in mind while working on your valuable hang tag designs.

The quality of your product is uncompromised, and your hang tags should echo that commitment. CPP is your resource for high quality hang tags that are affordable to produce, offer infinite design potential. Hang tags are an opportunity to connect with your customer before and after they purchase your product. Make a statement with the best.


Hang tags are an opportunity to connect with your customer before and after they purchase your product. Make a statement with the best.


Hang Tags serve to capture the attention of shoppers as well as provide useful information regarding the product.

Key Points

  • In many countries, many products, including food and pharmaceuticals, are required by law to contain certain labels such as listing ingredients, nutritional information, or usage warning information.
  • Hang Tags are attached on the product package to provide information such as manufacturer of the product, date of manufacture, date of expiry, its ingredients, how to use the product, and its handling.
  • Some Hang Tags include symbols to show product certifications, trademarks, or proof of purchase. These symbols exist to communicate aspects of consumer use and safety.

Hang Tags serve to capture the attention of shoppers. The use of catchy words may cause strolling customers to stop and evaluate the product. The hang tag is likely to be the first thing new customers see and thus offer their first impression of the product.


For Bottle Neckers worth showing off, up the ante with custom stamping. This tactile effect creates an unparalleled texture and looks for the most unique treatment available on our paper goods.

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