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We launched the CPP Lab. This is the first packaging design oriented lab in the Indian Sub Continent.  Here we design and introduce Next Gen Packaging Solutions (Exclusively Tags, Card Board Boxes, PP/PET Boxes, and Paper Bags) Creative Pro-Packaging Lab is a concept based physical workshop environment where packaging solutions are developed together with our customers. We are available to make sure your product receives the best possible packaging.

We are doing research on the latest trends of safe and modern Packaging for its content as well as being pleasing to the eye. Our research-based on consumer behavior, brand loyalty, and customer experiences. Our Packaging Experts Team (PET) will help product manufacturers for expanding the market. We are constantly exploring possible with the power of insights. And we put that knowledge to work for you. We believe great packaging is even better when it's part of an extended brand experience. Our expertise and experience in designing and producing promotional displays that put your brand front-and-center in the retail space are unsurpassed in the industry.

We offer award-winning creative and mixed-media capabilities so your brand makes an impact with consumers and retailers - the first time and every time. And our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all the paper materials and manufacturing techniques give us the ability to explore both single and multi-process options in order to produce the best and most appropriate solution each time. We want to provide you with innovative thoughts and share the best examples that inspire you to introspection your packaging exigencies. At Creative Print and Pack (CPP), we bring expertise from all relevant sectors to the table, not only better most designers but also experts in production and choice of materials. Packaging has many tasks to fulfill. It should help sell the product, add to the experience of the product, protect it during transport and, of course, be possible to produce in a cost-efficient way. In our CPP lab, we have a product showroom for benchmarking good packaging from around the world. Solutions from a completely different sector may spark an idea.

Our Designers work with current packaging trends and It is vital for packaging designers to understand what motivates and establishes visual trends. For the most part, these concepts are directly influenced by the environment, societal attitudes, and beliefs. In spotting and evaluating packaging trends, we have to keep in mind that designers are working with a consistent palette of tools that can be viewed as trendsetting in themselves. This palette includes color, typography, imagery, structure, form, and materials. Anyone of these design elements can be used to express a trend.

We keep working on Packaging trends and these are influenced by a larger set of strategic issues that grow out of a variety of consumer, artistic, business, and media trends. Understanding trends helps designers entertain, influence, inform, and motivate consumers' product purchase decisions.

You can see CPP’s wide range of eco-friendly materials and we can also help you with 3D visualizations to give you an idea of the end result early in the process. We work in a realistic workshop culture with a cross-sector perspective. Together we create the best possible packaging for your exigencies.

Ability... Brand Enhancement... Convenience... Delivery... Elegance... Functionality...  CPP has the answer.